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Woodmaster custom molding knives have been used across the country and around the world both to match antique patterns and to bring unique custom designs to life.

There are two easy ways to order a custom molding knife from Woodmaster:
  1. Send a Molding Sample. If you're looking to match an existing molding, this is the best way to assure an exact match. Our technicians will take the molding you send, scan it into our computers and create a drawing from the actual scan.
  2. Send a Drawing. You can mail or email a drawing of the molding you want. Email to customs@woodmastermoldingknives.com. When working from a drawing we will send you a copy of our drawing for approval.

In either case be sure to let us know what Brand and Type of machine you have and whether you want it made from M2 Steel or Carbide.

Custom knives are billed at $35 per inch of steel for M2 steel and $85 for Carbide. The knife will typically be 1/2" wider than the actual molding. For instance a 2" wide molding would have a 2.5" knife. So a custom knife to cut a 2" wide molding would cost $87.50 in M2 Steel and $212.50 in Carbide.

These prices are all inclusive and cover scanning and drawing of the knife, manufacturing of the knife, all gibs and balancing.

Questions? Please give us a call at 1-800-821-6651

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