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The Making of a Woodmaster 
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Dear Fellow Woodworker:

I've been involved with making molding knives for over 15 years and I'm still blown away when I see a rough-cut board go in one end of the machine and a beautiful piece of molding come out the other end! I'm sure you feel the same way.

At the center of this process is a Woodmaster ULTRA Molding knife. Whether you're running short runs or long runs, custom molding or standard patterns, pine or mahogany, the strength, quality and durability of Woodmaster ULTRA molding knives mean you get a better product faster.

I think it's pretty cool the way we design them, build them and ship them and I thought you might be interested as well.

On a custom knife, we first get a molding sample or drawing from the customer. We've done custom molding knives a small as 1/2" wide and as large as 8 inches!

Then, a technician trained in CAD drawing scans the molding sample and converts this image to a CAD drawing.

If we've created this drawing from a customer's drawing, we fax our drawing to the customer for approval. If we've used a molding sample, we simply compare the CAD drawing with the sample.

Next, we email the drawing to our knife manufacturing facility.

That's where the premium quality steel comes in.

The knife is computer-cut from M2 or Carbide steel and then additional relief is hand-ground onto the knife behind the actual cutting edge. The edge is then hand-honed. That's why we like to say that ULTRA molding knives combine the latest computer technology with old-fashioned hand craftsmanship.

The knife then goes back to the actual guys who drew it. They double check it against the wood sample, as well as for general quality and appearance.

Finally each knife is packed in its own box with egg-carton foam to make sure it arrives at your door as clean and sharp as when it left here.

I've always thought molding knife production is a really interesting part of what we do...something a lot of you, whether you're long-time owners or potential owners, might like knowing about!

See you in the shop,

Will Johnson, President
Woodmaster Tools

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